Sunday, November 13, 2011

dotty dot dot | I'm back!

Hello my lovely followers! I'm finally back after a long hiatus, summer holidays have started so i can finally breathe again and relax after a stressful year. I will definitely be updating this blog more often so i will be able to share with you different things i've learnt along the way. I also would like to work on the aesthetic of this blog in order to make it more refined and definite. I will be sharing diy projects and ideas, garments i have made and designed, outfit inspiration, fashion and style advice, endless wish lists and beautiful shoes! Thank you for sticking by this blog for so long, i promise not to disappoint! Watch this space!

P.s.. I'm completely obsessed with polka dots at the moment, a love for this pattern of evenly spaced circles just hit me all of a sudden. Now i can't stop thinking about them. Everywhere i look i can see them. I love this neat pattern paired with fur or a contrasting floral pattern. More is more, i think.

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